The #1 employee clock punching platform for growing companies
Penny Punch makes time management a breeze with an easy to use interface for your employees to log time and your staff to manage. Simple and direct pricing is the one-two punch!
Our Features
Employee Management
Manage employee details and job assignments. Import a list for faster management.
Timesheet Management
Send timesheets to client managers for approval and export to your payroll system of choice.
Login-Free Approvals
Managers receive email notifications instantly. No login required or passwords to remember.
Not To Mention
Client management, customizable branding and more! Schedule a demo to see all of the features Penny Punch has to offer.
Mobile Punches
Employees punch from their mobile device. Add location and image capture for extra validation.
Our Pricing
Penny Punch offers simple, per punch pricing to meet your ever changing employee needs.
Clock in/out from any mobile device. App not required.
Track location to ensure punches occur on site.
Validate the employee making the punches.
Example: Tom punches in/out 4 times/day for one week with location tracking enabled. That's 20 punches * $0.02 each = $0.40/week
Get Started
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